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Outsourcing your dental practice accounting functions to a CPA that's familiar with your industry offers you more time with patients and less back-office responsibilities. That's why many dentists, orthodontists, and other oral medical professionals rely on the dental CPAs at Gatlin Rago CPA Group. Our experienced Indiana CPA provides dependable accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services to support all types dental practices.

When you make us your CPA, we'll handle all your financial management needs with efficiency and accuracy. We'll take over routine tasks like bookkeeping and financial statements, but we offer much more. With our assistance, your practice will improve cash flow, precisely track revenue and overhead, and become more profitable - all while you focus your energy on your patients. We'll also uncover ways to reduce your tax liabilities so your practice never overpays on taxes.

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Working with a dental CPA that specializes in the industry can save valuable time, minimize taxes, and optimize profits. Call us now at 219-462-7544 or request a consultation online.